Fuel Link owns the ISO17020 accreditation to perform recalibrate and is COP approved.

Production and Quality


In de production of the different trucks we make the difference between  tankers and the so-called dispensers of distributors:

"We are building fueltankers between 10.000 and 85.000 liter. There is a big difference between the tankers goes on the public way or not.


Is the tanker only used on the tarmac of the airport, then de tanker does not require to fullfill the road legislations. There are good roads and there is a limitation of 30 km/h so that there are less constraints and problems to foresee.


By roadtransport the tanker has to fullfill the ADR-regulations and have to drive up to a speed limit of 90 km/hour (ADR, Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). ADR is also important for military tankers who have the need to ride between different air bases, but also for some specific civil customers who get their fuel outside the airport base. This makes it more complex and also more expensive.


Another difference beteen military and civilian use are the fuel filters that are needed. Militairy are tanking JP-8 fuels, in stead of civil aircrafts are using kerosine or jet A-1 fuels.

Technology on Top


"The technical revolution is not standing still. A new tendency is datatracking. For instance BP wants to see from their central offices in Londen whats a specific refueller is doing: are all securities ok, are there specific safety problems seen, valves open and close, ... .  It is not for nothing that our slogan is “ A PASSION FOR TECHNOLOGY”.


Our performant machines have been taken over from Atcomex are resulting in a perfect quality of our products: SAF CNC-plasma cutting and SAF automatic welding machine, DAVIS rolling machine, LVD CNC Bending machine, PEMA welding machine, ...