Fuel Link owns the ISO17020 accreditation to perform recalibrate and is COP approved.



Based on growing markets and growing financial needs the activities from Atcomex and Vervetank were taken over by Fuellink bvba. Fuellink bvba is a member of the strong capital group Kroy Finance. (BE 0862.415.023)


An airplane without fuel is flying nowhere, so to get the fuel into the plane there is a lot of sophisticated material needed on the airport. This special business is the target, where the experts and specialists from Fuellink, the new Atcomex are working on.


"From a small ULM to a big A380, we have for all different fuel purposes a perfect solution, please welcome in the fantastic world of high efficient aircraft refueler technology.

Fuellink is the important player in design & development and production of aircraft refuelers, dispensers and all kind of specials.

"Now Fuellink has three main activities : aircraft tanking, roadtransport and after sales: sales from spare parts and all kind of tests, yearly calibrations – pressure tests and Safe Loading inspections.


Fuellink is combining the experience of 50 years Atcomex and 26 years Vervetank
in aircraft refuelers and dispensers and ADR roadtankers.