A hydrant dispenser is used to connect to the hydrant system (the airport’s underground fuel pipe system) and provide filtration, pressure control and metering of the fuel prior to delivery to the aircraft. Pressure fueling flow rates generally range from 1200 to 4800 l/m. Fuellink has a wide range of dispensers. Available from the basic, manual operated models to the high end designs, completely automated. All types can be customized, to suit the local requirements and procedures.


Biggest differences in models are typical the choice of:

  • Filter water separator or filter monitor, metering system and flow rate.
  •  Scissor lift with entrance stair OR mast lift at the back with low entrance.
  •  Inlet hose, manual or hydraulic operated OR pantograph with tubes and swiveling joints.
  •  Raiser hose or pantograph as connection between the chassis and the platform.
  •  Chassis type & operation side.


Fuellink stands for an ergonomic and reliable design based on years of experience and the communication between the customer and us.