In our country all important air ports are using Fuellink material, the new Atcomex refuelers and dispensers, also the Airports who are using a hydrant system as Zaventem Brussels Airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Liège Airport. Of course only from the Belgium Air Ports we couldn't survive. Today we are also strong in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Airports as Copenhagen or Edinburgh for instance is all the refuelling material from Fuellink, the new Atcomex.


We have not only contact with the Airport Companies or with the Airport Exploitations, there are exceptions where those companies do everthing also in own execution. Our first customers are in the first place Oil Companies or Joint Ventures as BP and Statoil, contractors that we serve together with Frankfurt Jet Services (FJS).


A third party and a great increasing market are the independent players. They are not producing there own oil products but they buy it to redistribute it on the market, as in Zaventem Brussels Airport for example where BAS and Skytanking are active in the market, they make a very hard competition.